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Invest / Partner

Partner with Bob Manor: Elevating Auto Vendors Through Strategic Investments and Partnerships

Who is this for?

Invest/Partner with Bob Manor targets innovative vendors in the automotive sector.  This opportunity is designed for businesses with a viable product and initial sales traction but facing growth roadblocks due to funding or strategic limitations. 

Our consortium, led by Bob Manor, is open to investment and partnership opportunities across all scales, offering both capital and influential collaboration in exchange for equity for ventures we believe in.

Ideal candidates will have a proven product or service, some level of market validation, and are now at a juncture requiring either financial injection or strategic alliances to scale. We’re not just investors; we’re partners committed to driving mutual success. 

If your venture is at a critical growth stage and could benefit from both the financial backing and the extensive network of an experienced industry consortium, Bob Manor’s Invest/Partner pathway could be your next pivotal move.

Introduction to Investment/
Partnering Opportunities

Welcome to a world of opportunity where passion for the automotive industry, and the people in it,  meets strategic business acumen. I'm Bob Manor, and for over three decades, I've been at the forefront of the auto wholesale and retail markets, building a reputation for innovation, resilience, and success. Now, I'm extending an invitation to vendors and entrepreneurs: let's collaborate to bring cutting-edge solutions and services to auto dealerships across North America.

  • Driving Success Together

My journey in the auto industry has been marked by a deep understanding of dealership dynamics and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the dealer experience. This platform is more than just an investment opportunity; it's a chance to forge strategic partnerships that can redefine the auto dealership landscape. If your product or service is designed to empower auto dealers by optimizing operations, enhancing customer relationships, or tapping into new market potentials, you're in the right place.

  • A Unique Approach to Technology and Innovation

 In a sector increasingly influenced by digital transformation, my focus is on technology that reinforces rather than replaces the human element in auto dealerships. I believe in the synergy of 'people and pixels' – where innovative solutions amplify the strengths of dealership personnel and improve the overall customer experience.

"As a General Manager in Florida with over 20 years of industry experience, navigating the complexities of the auto industry has always been demanding and fluid. Bob Manor stands out as a beacon of knowledge and strategic foresight in the car business. His deep understanding of both broad industry trends and the specific challenges faced by dealership personnel is unparalleled. Bob's advice is not only highly actionable but also forward-thinking, aligning perfectly with the market's current demands and future directions. I strongly recommend that anyone in this industry, especially those feeling the pinch of today's challenges, get to know Bob. He's truly one in a million."


Brian O'Connor

Experienced General Manager | Automotive Management Expert

Why Partner with Bob Manor?

Wholesale Business Veteran

With my extensive network, industry knowledge, and a hands-on approach to business growth, partnering with me means gaining a collaborator who is invested in your success. I bring to the table not just financial backing but also strategic insights, mentorship, and a shared vision for elevating the auto industry.

About Bob

Bridging the Gap:
Sales Expertise Meets Tech Innovation

Transforming Tech Brilliance into Market Success

In the journey of bringing a groundbreaking product to market, tech startups often face a critical crossroad: the shift from development to sales. I've witnessed many brilliant minds create exceptional products, only to find themselves at an impasse when it comes to generating revenue and scaling their business. This is where my expertise and unique approach can come into play.


The Challenge of Founder Dependency and Sales Focus

Many founders, rightfully proud of their creations, encounter a dilemma at this stage. Their focus has been on perfecting the product, often underestimating the importance of a robust sales strategy. When the need for revenue becomes pressing (during a raise), they are confronted with tough choices: dilute ownership for investment, hire sales teams they can't afford, or struggle with sales themselves.


My Role: Sales Catalyst, Not Just an Investor

My involvement goes beyond possible financial investment. I bring to the table a wealth of experience in sales and an extensive network in the automotive industry. I understand the intricacies of turning a great product into a commercial success. Rather than focusing on upfront financial returns, my goal is to partner with you in developing and executing a sales strategy that propels your product to the forefront of the market.


Result-Based Collaboration

My proposition is simple: let my team help you build a sales infrastructure that works. I offer a collaboration where compensation is tied to the success we achieve together. This approach is designed to be attractive for startups that may not have the resources for expensive sales contracts but desperately need the expertise to break into the market.


A Win-Win Partnership

By choosing to work with me, you gain a partner who is invested in your vision and committed to turning it into a commercial triumph. Together, we can navigate the challenges of market entry and growth, ensuring that your innovation reaches its full potential and delivers the impact it deserves.

Investment Philosophy

People Over Pixels: Empowering Auto Dealers through Technology 

In an era where digital transformation is reshaping every industry, my investment philosophy is guided by a 'people over pixels' approach. I believe in leveraging technology not as a means to replace the invaluable human element in auto dealerships, but as a powerful tool to strengthen and support it.

Enhancing Human Interaction, Not Replacing It

My focus is on investing in and partnering with vendors whose technology and services enhance the capabilities of auto dealers, enriching the customer experience and dealership operations. I look for innovations that streamline processes, improve communication, and provide insightful data, all while keeping the human connection at the forefront of the auto buying and selling experience. 

Collaborative Growth

I seek opportunities where my extensive experience in the auto industry can add significant value. This includes not only financial investment but strategic guidance, network expansion, and a collaborative approach to achieving mutual growth and success.

In summary, my investment philosophy is rooted in the belief that technology should be an enabler of better business practices and stronger customer relationships in the automotive sector, rather than a disruptor that displaces the human touch that is so crucial to this industry.


Strengthening Dealerships for the Future

The goal is to support technologies that empower dealerships to be more efficient, customer-centric, and adaptive to changing market dynamics. From CRM tools that enhance customer relationships to analytics platforms that provide actionable insights, I am interested in solutions that help dealerships thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Opportunities I'm Seeking

Empowering Auto Dealerships and Their Clients


Seeking Innovative Solutions for a Dynamic Auto Industry

In my quest to elevate the automotive dealership experience through strategic partnerships and investments, I am particularly interested in aligning with companies and vendors whose products and services are not just innovative but also have the potential to revolutionize how auto dealerships operate and interact with their clients.

Criteria for Potential Partnerships

  • Target Clientele: Companies whose primary clients are auto dealerships, or their customers, offering products or services that enhance the dealership experience, streamline operations, or expand customer engagement.
  • Stage of Development: Businesses that have moved beyond the development phase and are now poised for market penetration and sales growth. I'm looking for companies that have a finished product or service, ready to make a significant impact in the market.
  • Proprietary Products with High Potential: Products or services that are proprietary in nature, offering unique solutions and holding substantial market potential. The ideal partner would have a product that not only stands out in the marketplace but also has a large Total Addressable Market (TAM).
  • Sales and Growth Focus: Companies that recognize the need for a robust sales strategy and are open to collaborative efforts to build and execute a successful sales plan. I am particularly interested in opportunities where I can contribute significantly to scaling the business through sales expertise and my extensive network.
  • Shared Vision for Success: Partners who are not just seeking financial investment but are looking for strategic collaboration and mentorship to achieve mutual growth and success.

Propose Your Venture or Partnership


Let's Explore the Possibilities Together

If you believe your business aligns with my investment philosophy and you're seeking a partnership that goes beyond capital investment, I invite you to take the first step in exploring this exciting opportunity. Here's how you can propose your venture or partnership:

1. Investment Deck Submission
Please submit your investment deck or a detailed presentation of your business. This should include an overview of your product or service, target market, business model, financials, Total Addressable Market (TAM), and any traction or milestones achieved so far.
You can email your investment deck to [email protected] with the subject line "Venture Proposal: [Your Company Name]".

2. Initial Review
Upon receiving your investment deck, my team and I will review it to assess the potential fit with my investment criteria and areas of interest.
We appreciate the effort and time put into your proposal and will ensure it receives the attention it deserves.

3. Fact-Finding Meeting
If your proposal piques our interest and aligns with our vision, my assistant will reach out to schedule a fact-finding Zoom meeting. This meeting will be an opportunity for us to delve deeper into your business, understand your challenges, and discuss potential synergies.

4. In-Person Meeting (If Applicable)
Following a successful fact-finding meeting, we may progress to an in-person meeting to further explore the possibility of a partnership or investment. This step is crucial for building a strong working relationship and discussing the finer details of a potential collaboration.


Your Path to Growth Starts Here

Your journey towards scaling your business and achieving new heights could begin with this partnership. I look forward to exploring how we can work together to create lasting success and impactful growth in the automotive industry.

Take the Next Step Towards Collaboration

Are you ready to elevate your business to the next level and explore a partnership rooted in innovation and growth? If your venture aligns with my investment philosophy and you're seeking more than just capital - a partnership that values creativity, strategic insights, and lasting impact - I'm eager to hear from you.


Submit Your Investment Deck:

  • Email your comprehensive investment deck or business presentation to [email protected].
  • Use the subject line: "Venture Proposal: [Your Company Name]"
  • Include key details: overview of your product/service, target market, business model, financials, market potential (TAM), and notable achievements.

What Happens Next:

  • Initial Assessment: My team and I will meticulously review your submission to evaluate its alignment with our investment criteria.
  • Interactive Dialogue: If your proposal sparks interest, expect a reach-out for a detailed fact-finding Zoom meeting.
  • Building Relationships: A potential follow-up in-person meeting to discuss the nuances of our partnership.

Your innovative ideas and aspirations, coupled with my expertise and network in the automotive sector, could mark the beginning of a transformative journey. Let's work together to drive forward and turn potential into success.


❝ I worked closely with Bob for 4 years while I was working at Lanoue Chev. I would recommend for anyone to work with him, he is honest and will work very hard for you to achieve your goals with him.

Sam Wallis

General Manager


❝ Bob exemplifies intelligence, possessing a deep understanding of the automotive industry. His insights into the market trends, regulations, and export processes are truly remarkable. His ability to analyze complex situations and provide valuable strategic recommendations is second to none. I have witnessed firsthand how his expertise and strategic thinking have contributed significantly to the success of his ventures and partners.

Andrew Compton



❝ We contracted Bob as a Strategic Advisor in 2022 to help us roll out our Marketplace product. Everything Bob said would happen, happened. His understanding of this Canada USA wholesale niche is unparalleled and he has proven to have a large network in the space. We look forward to deepening our relationship with Bob in the coming months and years as we continue our growth.  

Tane Jillings

Co-Founder and President


Freedom • Curiosity • Vision • Growth • Kindness • Grit • Loyalty

Bob Manor's Mission Statement

"To empower individuals and businesses by sharing three decades of unparalleled expertise and insights in the Canada-US auto wholesale market. My mission is to guide and inspire through the principles of the B4 Method, fostering a balance of professional success and personal well-being. I am committed to providing tailored, strategic advice and practical solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and resilience. By blending my deep industry knowledge with a holistic approach to life and work, I aim to help others navigate their paths with confidence and clarity, building lasting relationships based on trust, integrity, and mutual growth."