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Wholesale Operations Audit

Optimize your Dealership's Wholesale Strategy
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Who is this for?

Bob Manor's Wholesale Operations Audit is specifically designed for

  • Franchise Dealers and Dealer Groups in both Canada and the United States. This service is ideal for automotive businesses looking to critically assess and significantly improve their wholesale operations and remarketing strategies. 

  •  Lease Companies, Banks, and Other Financial Institutions needing expert guidance to enhance their vehicle remarketing efforts and maximize returns. If your organization aims to streamline its wholesale process, reduce dependency on external vendors, and secure higher profitability through strategic improvements, our Wholesale Operations Audit provides the specialized insight and actionable solutions you need.

Optimizing Your Dealership's Wholesale Strategy for Maximum Efficiency and Profit


As an experienced professional in the auto wholesale industry, I understand the complexities and challenges of managing a successful wholesale operation.

My Wholesale Operations Audit service is designed to provide your dealership with a comprehensive analysis of your current processes, identifying opportunities for improvement and efficiency.

Why Choose a Wholesale Operations Audit?


  • Expert Insight: Leverage my three decades of experience in the auto wholesale and retail markets, including extensive knowledge of cross-border transactions between Canada and the U.S.
  • Customized Analysis: Receive a detailed, tailored report that scrutinizes your dealership's buying and selling practices, offering actionable recommendations.

  • Reduced Vendor Dependence: Discover strategies to minimize reliance on secondary marketplaces and auctions, empowering your dealership to operate more independently and profitably.

  • Increased Profitability: Identify areas where your operations can be streamlined for better efficiency, leading to increased margins and revenue.

"As a General Manager in Florida with over 20 years of industry experience, navigating the complexities of the auto industry has always been demanding and fluid. Bob Manor stands out as a beacon of knowledge and strategic foresight in the car business. His deep understanding of both broad industry trends and the specific challenges faced by dealership personnel is unparalleled. Bob's advice is not only highly actionable but also forward-thinking, aligning perfectly with the market's current demands and future directions. I strongly recommend that anyone in this industry, especially those feeling the pinch of today's challenges, get to know Bob. He's truly one in a million."


Brian O'Connor

Experienced General Manager | Automotive Management Expert

What to Expect from the Audit


Initial Consultation

We start with an in-depth discussion to understand your dealership's unique needs and goals.


Process Evaluation

I conduct a thorough evaluation of your current wholesale operations, including procurement, inventory management, sales strategies, and vendor relationships.


Follow-Up Support

I conduct a thorough evaluation of your current wholesale operations, including procurement, inventory management, sales strategies, and vendor relationships.


Report and Recommendations

Post-audit, I offer guidance on implementing the recommendations and can discuss further engagement through consulting or one-on-one coaching.

Bob Manor

Wholesale Business Veteran

Bob Manor understands the challenges wholesale businesses face. Taking that first step towards making a difference can be daunting, leaving you unsure of where to start. That's why Bob is here to help guide you with expertise and innovative strategies tailored to your unique operation.

About Bob

❝ I worked closely with Bob for 4 years while I was working at Lanoue Chev. I would recommend for anyone to work with him, he is honest and will work very hard for you to achieve your goals with him.

Sam Wallis

General Manager


❝ Bob exemplifies intelligence, possessing a deep understanding of the automotive industry. His insights into the market trends, regulations, and export processes are truly remarkable. His ability to analyze complex situations and provide valuable strategic recommendations is second to none. I have witnessed firsthand how his expertise and strategic thinking have contributed significantly to the success of his ventures and partners.

Andrew Compton



❝ We contracted Bob as a Strategic Advisor in 2022 to help us roll out our Marketplace product. Everything Bob said would happen, happened. His understanding of this Canada USA wholesale niche is unparalleled and he has proven to have a large network in the space. We look forward to deepening our relationship with Bob in the coming months and years as we continue our growth.  

Tane Jillings

Co-Founder and President


Take the Next Step Towards Optimizing Your Wholesale Operations

Whether you're looking to expand into the export market, refine your domestic wholesale strategies, or simply want a fresh perspective on your operations, my Wholesale Operations Audit can provide the clarity and direction you need. Let's work together to enhance your dealership's wholesale efficiency and profitability.

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Freedom • Curiosity • Vision • Growth • Kindness • Grit • Loyalty

Bob Manor's Mission Statement

"To empower individuals and businesses by sharing three decades of unparalleled expertise and insights in the Canada-US auto wholesale market. My mission is to guide and inspire through the principles of the B4 Method, fostering a balance of professional success and personal well-being. I am committed to providing tailored, strategic advice and practical solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and resilience. By blending my deep industry knowledge with a holistic approach to life and work, I aim to help others navigate their paths with confidence and clarity, building lasting relationships based on trust, integrity, and mutual growth."