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Below is an outline of my methodology and links to my websites .

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Innovation and Vision

Bob Manor continuously seeks out and creates innovative solutions for dealers, staying ahead of industry trends and developments. His visionary approach ensures that his ventures, such as Can-Am Dealer Services, provide cutting-edge products and services to empower auto dealers.

Tailored Strategies

Bob Manor offers tailored strategies to unlock the full potential of wholesale businesses, optimizing operations, streamlining processes, and enhancing profitability. His approach takes into account the unique needs and goals of each client

Commitment to Success

Bob Manor's methods are rooted in a strong commitment to the success of his clients and the automotive community as a whole. He strives to provide comprehensive solutions, guidance, and resources that drive growth, profitability, and long-term success.

Auto Auction Review is a pioneering platform dedicated to bringing transparency and accountability to the auto auction industry. Founded by two former executives from North America’s largest auction houses, Manheim and ADESA and a seasoned expert with over 30 years of experience in the automotive wholesale market, the platform serves as a critical resource for dealers, consignors, and buyers. It provides comprehensive, unbiased reviews and ratings of auto auctions, advocating for fair practices and helping dealers resolve arbitration claims. aims to hold auction houses accountable to their policies, ensuring dealers of all sizes receive the service and integrity they deserve in every transaction

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South Ontario Auto Remarketing

South Ontario Auto Remarketing (SOAR) -SOAR is an independent auto remarketing agency that works with dealer groups and other major consigners to provide creative solutions and processes regarding their specific inventory distribution or acquisition needs.

"Supply is the Edge"

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Can-Am Dealer Services

Is an international,solutions focused , warranty and insurance agency servicing auto dealer partners in Canada and the United States.

Our signature product is a Limited Warranty ,designed specifically and offered exclusively by Can-Am and its underwriting partners, to replace/mimic voided OEM warranties on vehicles imported/exported between Canada/USA. Available to any licensed auto dealer in Canada or the United States. 3/36 basic 5/60 PT from original in-service .(certain exclusions apply, depending on state law)

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The Vin Syndicate

The VIN Syndicate is an ultra private group of auto dealers, wholesalers, and remarketers who believe in the power of a reliable and supportive network to trade with and share strategies, tactics and critical industry info.

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Sell Your Car Ontario

Sell Your Car Ontario (SYCO) is a division of South Ontario Auto Remarketing (SOAR).

SYCO was designed to make the process of selling a vehicle fast, easy and hassle free for the consumer while at the same time helping solve Bob's vehicle acquisition/supply needs(win/win).

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Bob Manor

Wholesale Business Veteran

Bob Manor understands the challenges wholesale businesses face. Taking that first step towards making a difference can be daunting, leaving you unsure of where to start. That's why Bob Manor is your trusted partner in taking action.

About Bob

❝ I worked closely with Bob for 4 years while I was working at Lanoue Chev. I would recommend for anyone to work with him, he is honest and will work very hard for you to achieve your goals with him.

Sam Wallis

General Manager


❝ Bob exemplifies intelligence, possessing a deep understanding of the automotive industry. His insights into the market trends, regulations, and export processes are truly remarkable. His ability to analyze complex situations and provide valuable strategic recommendations is second to none. I have witnessed firsthand how his expertise and strategic thinking have contributed significantly to the success of his ventures and partners.

Andrew Compton



❝ We contracted Bob as a Strategic Advisor in 2022 to help us roll out our Marketplace product. Everything Bob said would happen, happened. His understanding of this Canada USA wholesale niche is unparalleled and he has proven to have a large network in the space. We look forward to deepening our relationship with Bob in the coming months and years as we continue our growth.  

Tane Jillings

Co-Founder and President


Freedom • Curiosity • Vision • Growth • Kindness • Grit • Loyalty

Bob Manor's Mission Statement

"To empower individuals and businesses by sharing three decades of unparalleled expertise and insights in the Canada-US auto wholesale market. My mission is to guide and inspire through the principles of the B4 Method, fostering a balance of professional success and personal well-being. I am committed to providing tailored, strategic advice and practical solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and resilience. By blending my deep industry knowledge with a holistic approach to life and work, I aim to help others navigate their paths with confidence and clarity, building lasting relationships based on trust, integrity, and mutual growth."